Relax - experience complete physical and mental renewal
Relax in the comfort of design rooms
The boutique hotel offers a retreat into intimacy, complete privacy, which is increasingly sought after and appreciated. The design ambience and smart rooms offer everything you need for a carefree retreat.
Fill up with the power of magnesium and negative ions
Exclusive packages, grouped together in the Pegaz Mg program, are based on unique Rogaška mineral waters. They are designed according to your needs keeping in mind your well-being. They will fill you with fresh energy and strength for new life challenges.
Restore your well-being and health through food
Treat your body in a way that is healthy, local and attractive for your eyes. The tastes of traditional Slovenian dishes with a modern-day notes and international culinary highlights will awaken your taste buds and good will.
Refresh your body and spirit
Surrender yourself to pampering and top relaxation treatments. They will take care of your relaxation and detoxification and eliminate the consequences of the negative stress you are facing.
Experience the destination
400-year-old tradition of health spa services and world renown cultural events promise a number of exclusive experiences. They will nourish your soul and create unforgettable memories.

Eat healthy and tasty

Food plays an important role in the complete body renewal and well-being. It's right that you pay special attention to it. You can also leave it to us and enjoy the seductive fusions of colours and flavours monitoring the positive effect of food on your well-being.

Natural and local

Hotel restaurant

International cuisine dishes or traditional specialities - in our kitchens seasonal ingredients from the local environment are predominant. Trust the selection of our master chefs! We also offer you a healthy diet while taking care for your health and well-being.

  • Breakfast at eight o’clock in the morning, late breakfast till eleven o'clock.
  • Dinner between 6 and 8 in the evening.
a waitress in a restaurant
a private corner in the restaurant
Gourmet experience

À la carte restaurant

Our master chefs prepare top-quality dishes with a unique culinary approach. New flavours and culinary cdishes are created. Taste a unique combination of traditional Slovenian dishes in a modern style.

Lobby bar

In the comfort of design armchairs

When you love to have a cup of great coffee, check in at the Lobby bar. Take a seat in one of the most comfortable and attractively extravagant design armchairs, listen to piano music and simply enjoy your coffee. Also try the fresh smoothies and Atlantida’s sinful desserts.

On Fridays and Saturdays evenings, you are invited to a party with live music.


the couple dances at the Atlantida Hotel
a woman in a restaurant between cakes
Club bar

Cocktail on the terrace

A wide choice of cocktails is the final touch for an afternoon chat in good company. Relax and enjoy  the atmosphere letting the event become a pleasant evening. When the weather is fine, you can have a drink on the quiet terrace with a view of Rogaška Slatina.