Relax - experience complete physical and mental renewal
Relax in the comfort of design rooms
The boutique hotel offers a retreat into intimacy, complete privacy, which is increasingly sought after and appreciated. The design ambience and smart rooms offer everything you need for a carefree retreat.
Fill up with the power of magnesium and negative ions
Exclusive packages, grouped together in the Pegaz Mg program, are based on unique Rogaška mineral waters. They are designed according to your needs keeping in mind your well-being. They will fill you with fresh energy and strength for new life challenges.
Restore your well-being and health through food
Treat your body in a way that is healthy, local and attractive for your eyes. The tastes of traditional Slovenian dishes with a modern-day notes and international culinary highlights will awaken your taste buds and good will.
Refresh your body and spirit
Surrender yourself to pampering and top relaxation treatments. They will take care of your relaxation and detoxification and eliminate the consequences of the negative stress you are facing.
Experience the destination
400-year-old tradition of health spa services and world renown cultural events promise a number of exclusive experiences. They will nourish your soul and create unforgettable memories.
About the company

Vision and mission

Our vision is to become the soul and heart of Rogaška Slatina destination.
We want to provide our guests with an exceptionally pleasant retreat experience - with quality service, smiles, idyllic environment, luxury accommodations, themed and rounded offers. By focusing on a healthy lifestyle, we share our knowledge of the balance of body, emotion, thought and spirit.

Our employees are the hotel soul. We create a creative and stimulating working environment for them, where they will be happy to work, educate themselves and will be rewarded for their engagement.

Care for nature and the environment is ensured through an environmentally friendly building that is ecologically blended with nature.

About the company

Social responsibility

We contribute to sustainable development by building and operating the hotel in accordance with the highest sustainability criteria and with the policy of socially responsible behaviour.

Atlantida Boutique Hotel is built in accordance with EED regulations (efficient energy use), heated on the basis of safe consume and use of exclusively natural and renewable sources ( ground – water heat pump , solar cells, gas).

All hotel rooms and other hotel spaces are controlled by smart temperature, air conditioning and light control systems. In this way we ensure the highest possible efficiency of the use of energy sources for the hotel functioning.

Socially responsible behaviour, in addition to environmental protection, is shown through care for employees, sponsorships and donations, linking with local businesses and supporting local populations.

About the company

Responsibility to the environment

We place great emphasis on energy and water consumption, waste reduction, separate waste collection and environmental pollution reduction.

We are in the process of obtaining ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 90001: 2015 certificates, thus further demonstrating our awareness and responsibility towards the environment.

We strive for constant improvements and care for a better tomorrow, that’s why our goal in the near future is to obtain other certificates that show sustainable responsibility.

About the company

Complete integration with the local environment

We have included the story of the destination in the hotel design and introduced elements of water (Rogaška Slatina springs and Donat Mg springs), glass (crystal from Rogaška Slatina), natural cosmetics Afrodita from Rogaška Slatina, local wines and typical, biologically produced, food from the local environment in the hotel materials and equipment.